This Is A Girl Thing

What is This Is A Girl Thing?

"This Is A Girl Thing," aka #TIAGT, is a campaign that we have created to empower girls in STEM. We had the inspiration for this movement after a less-than favorable interaction with a "VIP" at a robotics competition, where he asked our female members if we did "girl things" on the team. After that, we decided that our mission was to show that This Is A Girl Thing. We are empowering girls of all ages in STEM, and teaching them that what they are doing is not inherently un-feminine, and that they deserve to be included in STEM activities. 

So far, we have been able to share our message with local robotics teams at the competitions we host at our school and through our STEM Is A Girl Thing Camp run for 4th and 5th grade girls. We have influenced countless teams and coaches to support our cause. The future of STEM is not exclusive to one gender, and we hope to showcase the incredible work girls have done. 

The original #ThisIsAGirlThing poster at the May 2022 FLL Fun Day at OPHS