Cloud of Feathers


Our Mission:

The Cloud of Feathers project is a joint effort between Osbourn Park's Athletics Department and Robotics Team in order to design a robot for the Athletics Department to deter geese from tearing up the grass on the football fields.


The plan for the Cloud of Feathers project is to use a pre-made RC car to ensure cost effectiveness, and to replace some elements of the robot with FRC and FTC components. The robot will be autonomous and sensor-driven, relying primarily on a LimeLight Camera for targeting. The robot will run in short intervals throughout the day and will return to a wireless charging station at the end of each run.


In this beginning stage of the Cloud of Feathers project, we have begun to replace many of the electrical components of the robot and begin to work on the programming logistics. We have replaced the motor of the RC car with a REV Neo 550, and we are working on the electrical schematics for the Raspberry Pi and the LimeLight Camera.

Drew (programming) with robot