Electrical Progress


The electrical bucket has continued to strive to have all members included in Muhkeighnzeighs development. We are continuing on our Battery Shelf which is in slow progress due to the low prioritization it holds. The team looks forward to fixing CAN issues quickly during competitions and communicating with the team in the stands to allow them to understand the issue, the cause, and the fix. The team was advised to create a schematic of the entire electrical board which continues to be in progress to allow quicker troubleshooting, allowing team members to know which CAN ID's are which, and have a better understanding of what wiring a robot actually entails. As the season continues the team looks forward to having a different wiring system that is not a daisy chain. It has been found to be very ineffective with the CAN issues that proceed us. It restricts the code's access to the rest of the bus which causes malfunction. We hope to switch to a CANivore wiring system in the following 2024 season to progress.